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Stone exterior cladding

Granite or marble exterior cladding looks magnificent on a commercial building and it is becoming increasingly popular. We can supply granite or marble cladding in a wide range of colours and we have access to stone from all over the world.

Interior tiles

Stone tiles will last forever

If you’re looking for floor tiles that will last a lifetime, the answer is stone. We can supply tiles in granite, quartz and marble, in virtually any colour you choose. They are ideal for heavy traffic areas indoors and outdoors.

We can match tiles to the colour of your kitchen bench top, bathroom vanity, or other furniture. For example, if you have granite bench top, we can use the same colour in the floor tiles in your kitchen. We have access to stone from all over the world, so your choices are almost limitless.

Wall tiles

Polished granite and marble tiles are becoming increasingly popular for walls. They have a simple, classical elegance that is striking beautiful in a modern home, and equally suitable for an older home. They provide the ultimate finish for any room. By choosing granite or marble tiles you will not only create timeless elegance in your home but also add value if you ever sell it.

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